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Originally Posted by aquablue View Post
What an foolish and pathetic diatribe, wow. Go be angry and aggressive elsewhere please, this is not a place to tell people to 'STFU' just because you disagree with their ideas. You sound like one of those rich conservatives who has absolutely no idea about cities or the people that inhabit them, but instead care only about those 'limo riding' elites.. what a pathetic selfish attitude. The only thing I know and what makes me laugh with glee, is that I can predict that you are going to be annoyed for years to come as the city becomes even more 'progressive' and implements more and more progressive schemes, and I doubt there is anything people like you can do to stop it. Instead you can get angrier and angrier while the rest of us enjoy a better more livable city. Why don't you move to Houston, you'll be happy there with nobody on the street, no subway and endless highway widening, and NO riff-raff using their silly 'progressive' pedestrian plazas or bike shares, lol.

Oh, and did you know that Tokyo, the city with the greatest GDP on the planet, closes some of its major commercial shopping streets on the weekends to traffic? Did you know that Hong Kong, the financial center of Asia closes many of its streets to shoppers at various times of the day? Did you know that Shanghai, the rising new 'NEW YORK' of Asia, has a huge major commercial street and plaza completely car free? It isn't just the amsterdams, the munichs and the Barcelonas that do this, it is also the cities that are the leading business centers in the world.

Your arguments that such improvements to cities interfere with commerce is completely without foundation and you have no evidence that this would occur in NYC given the same implementation there, you are instead acting out of fear of the unknown.

Tokyo is basically a city of a bunch of poors that keep its GDP sky high. Tokyo is a city of massive government investment (since it's a capital) and New York is a city of commerce. New York is much richer and more productive and they can not be compared in any way.

The idea that New York doesn't function because the entire island of Manhattan isn't a giant pedestrian plaza is ridiculous. New York needs smart growth and the answer to everything isn't shutting down streets for more ugly pedestrian plazas. Where will all these new commuters fit? No, we don't want to live like a bunch of animals like they do in Tokyo, squeezing themselves into the trains like a bunch of cattle in such an inhumane fashion.

Go back to Tokyo and eat your Ramen in the middle of the cutsey pedestrian plazas and enjoy. It would be a travesty if New York in any way resembled Tokyo or any Asian city. New York is New York and let's keep it that way.
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