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re: post #20. i have noticed a markedly increased exposure of the canadian cities, their housing markets, urban emphasis, exposure of itself as a great vacation destination, etc. to me, it certainly has so much of what i like, as far as both exposure to rural life, if you wish, urban life, trade, technology, fairly easy to identify w/ their culture, likes and dislikes, music, education, etc. it is a large land mass w/ relatively few inhabitants; yet, off the cuff, much of the canadian population is in the large urban centers, which seem to be very much sophisticated. i have only been to toronto, as i accompanied my parents on a business trip when i was six. however, my most memorable experience on that trip was the marriage of my cousin in the cathedral of notre dame. i also remember some of the architecture, thinking and discussing w/ my parents and other family members how i was having difficulty distinguishing foreigners from americans---bringing about a rather loud chuckle from all, excepting me! i've noticed several companies from canada relocating their headquarters and all operations to memphis, and i understand their are to be others. i don't keep up w/ canadian politics, but i have friends in montreal, toronto, regina, and vancouver. my friends from regina paint a fairly blank picture of that particular area, and out of 7 children, 4 have left to attend university in tn. vancouver seems to continue to grow, the olympics have boosted various areas, areas such as vancouver. i would like to see toronto and detroit establish more local interdependance, and the potential for the cities near the canadian pipeline will no doubt cause stable growth for employment, establishment of educational institutions and families. just as the alaska pipeline provided many spinoff businesses, in order to provide needed materials for the line, people come to where the employment. too, i can very well see, if a government (politicans and their particular brand of self-serving policies and politics), a move of certain classes in america picking up individually using whatever skills they have and using them in a new life in canada. one more reason to get rid of that moron now in the white house, and the minions that protect him, as they shadow him and just how incompetent he really is, in his current position.
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