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Originally Posted by JDRCRASH View Post
Wow this is awesome! Maybe you can do a few LA buildings as well?
It's been awhile, but I finally got around to your request!

Here's the US Bank Tower in Los Angeles, CA, United States, including the courtyard area.

This was one of those that I didn't think would take very long but with all the windows and roof details, plus the courtyard (which is very tricky to discern from satellite photos and Google Earth street views alone), it ended up taking a few days. I wasn't sure at first if I wanted to add the courtyard but it adds so little to the cost of printing and so much to the model! The primary reason for doing so is that given the hilly nature of LA, many of the buildings have features on the front on a different elevation than the back. This would mean an inaccurate location of certain features without either a blank face below the areas at higher elevations or without providing some terrain for context. I generally decide that the latter is preferable, as I did with the Bank of China building. This meant including the courtyard and other structures attached to the base of the main tower was optimal.

It's funny, people rarely think about the details on the ground since most photos show the structures behind other buildings and you can't see them. I also couldn't find many other models with these features included so I like being able to do so and making mine unique in that way!

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