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I'm not fully understanding what all of those notches or panels are on the dark portions of the facade facing the avenues (I'm not talking about the balconies facing Central Park). To me it looks like color variations similar to those on One57's sides. Someone mentioned something about LED lights. I don't know.

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its so un-New York. I'm not an advocate of driving into Manhattan, but one of the things about city life is the streets are filled with people, and yes automobiles. It's part of the urban fabric, the mix that gives the city its flavor and atmosphere.
It would also cause severe traffic problems. It's one thing to pedestrianize part of Times Square, but to go much further would be shoving it down people's throats. I know urban planners (particularly the more academic kind) love bicycles, foot traffic, and public transportation, but there will always be a sizable portion of the public who want to live in the suburbs and drive in to the city, traffic be damned. Personally, I love driving all around the city so long as it's nights or weekends.
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