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Water and waste water utilities.

Right of way permit.
"101-690 UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS SYSTEM REPLACEMENT OFFICE BUILDING - NEW ~16 story HIGH RISE ON SOUTH HALF OF BLOCK 82 (7th Street between Lavaca and Colorado Streets). Improvements will include connection to existing subsurface utilities, pavements, driveways and alleyway maneuvering areas for heavy trucks. Demo existing structures, the Colorado Building (6 stories plus basement), the Lavaca Building (2 stories), Parking Garage 5 (two levels). We have met with the CIP project team working on the Colorado Street rebuild north of 7th Street. Overhead utility services have already been relocated to below grade adjacent to the project. Address Range Street Cross Street 1 Cross Street 2 190 to 310 W. 7th Lavaca St Colorado St 190 to 310 Alley north of W. 7th Lavaca St Colorado St 620 to 800 Lavaca St W. 7th St W. 8th St 620 to 800 Colorado St W. 7th St W. 8th St"
Civil engineering site plans.
A. Contractor to install covered walkways and water filled barriers at the project perimeter as shown in the attached TCP. B. Contractor must utilize this area due to the fact that the proposed builidng footprint will be lot line to lot line. C. Contractor must close sidewalk, parking lanes and travel lanes per the attached TCP in order to safely completion the construction activities.
Drilling permit for soil samples.
Drill one 4-inch diameter boring in the street ROW to a maximum depth of 80 feet using a truck mounted drill rig. Work is for a geotechnical evaluation of site for a UT Office Building replacement.
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