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^Part of it will be. There will also be residential on about half of it.

One small correction to the Curbed article ElDuderino posted. This is not exactly correct:
Proposition M—the 1986 law capping new office construction at 875,000 square feet per year
As I understand it, Prop M caps the amount of office space that can be approved in a given year, not constructed. And I think we all know that any remaining square footage that is not allocated in a given year gets rolled into future years. I forget where we are now, but last I recall there was a rather large bank of office space available to be approved at the moment. But there is also a lot of proposed space in the queue as well. I'm just not sure what has already been approved and what the current Prop M balance is.

One other note: Mission Bay office space was approved long ago, so that no longer factors into Prop M going forward. But I don't think that includes the Giants' Mission Rock plans (I could be wrong about that though).
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