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Originally Posted by shadowbat2 View Post
Like I said in the Philly thread, this is a really incredible design. Brings to mind the iron fronts of Old City etc, while still keeping a contemporary flair. As much as I hate to see the facade fronting 11th Street get destroyed, this certainly takes the sting out of losing it.

The proposed tower over the Lit Brothers building (7th and Market) could take a cue from this....
I have mixed feelings about the Lit Brothers tower. On one hand, if Stantec can't make it look original, I like that they went with a very minimalistic design. I like the juxtaposition. But on the other hand, that approach kind of ****es on the historic building. I do however love the digital signage. I think it's an awesome take on the signage that used to be on its roof.

But yeah, I agree with you, I do like the existing 11th Street facade of Snellenberg's warehouse. Like a lot of things in Philly, it's covered in grit and you have to really look to appreciate it. But the overall scope of this project really makes up for its loss.

One thing I freaking love about Philadelphia is how so many people can look beyond the soot and actually see stunning architecture, even people who don't give a **** about architecture. Not many cities have people like that. And it resonates in developers when they consider what to save. I wouldn't be surprised if NREA really weighed the pros and cons of restoring the building vs. refacing it.
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