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Edmonton has been cranking out proposals since I started as editor with very little to show for it. There may be an opportunity for a new tallest (well under 200 metres) there but, I don't see the closure of the airport having that much of an impact on heights over the 140 metre range. The office and high rise condo inventory are tiny compared to Toronto and small to Calgary.

The only change I can see is the list dropping in height allowing more cities to be on it should things continue to be slow in Toronto.

Niagara Falls doesn't have the numbers to support another big hotel boom and the proposals are by a few small time local looking for investors to buy and/or finance everything. I don't share your optimism.

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I think Edmonton is the only other big city that will likely get into the list now that it looks like it will be a permanent over 200 meter thing. Other cites with a chance in order of their chances (IMO)


Niagara Falls
.(Going in the right direction)
.(Way unlikely)
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