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Originally Posted by Alex Mackinnon View Post
Just buy a Volt.
Why be such a dick? I was basically in agreement with you that there aren't anywhere near enough fast charging stations.

I sat in it and didn't really like the feel. I don't really want to sit in a car for hours that I don't like. Which was one of my points, there isn't enough choice yet.

It only goes 85km on an electric charge, that's either a lot of stopping or a lot of using the gas engine. Plus, you can buy a lot of car for $40,000. I could buy a Honda Civic with a CVT and over 4 years it would end up costing about the same all in.

And buying a car with a motor, even if it's as a backup generator kind of defeats the whole allure of buying an EV: not having to deal with the expensive mechanical components that need constant maintenance.
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