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Originally Posted by Chadillaccc View Post
I mean the entire facade of all FGP buildings.

I'd settle for the windows and balconies being changed and maybe a redesign or refurbishment of the revolving restaurant pod.
Really? The FGP buildings are gorgeous. They don't need a reclad, maybe a little refurbishment, but they definitely don't need a reclad. I know Winnipeg is lacking in the glass department, but aside from our modernist structures and historic buildings, there is nothing else that should remain the same as much as FGP.

I would much rather see the Radisson, Trizec, Manitoba Assembly of Chiefs (Kensington), Rogers (Newport), any of the downtown commie blocks, The Delta, etc. All get reclad's before FGP.

In fact I would say that FGP is far too much of a focal point in our skyline to change it. Remember they were built with similar facades as the Hotel.
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