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Frustration has taken over...

My FP comment:

It almost seems as if Katz is part of the editorial staff. The sad thing is that the FP is now trying to spin all these negatives into positives as well. As much as I am in support for Parkades over parking lots, how in any way is the city's most valuable piece of property being turned into a parkade a good thing.

-Highway side Motel chain -That previously has never set up shop in a metropolis
-50 000 sq ft. glorified pool

Is this the epitome of world class now? Someone should call Bilbao's city council and inform them that they did it wrong. Mr. Katz and crew clearly unearthed the true meaning of world class with this one.

And in case people would like to argue that this park has the "potential" to be "world class" if we could just wait and see the proposal, unless the proposal changes the size of the park from 50 000 to 217 000 minimum (West Edmonton Mall's World Waterpark built in 1986) And the hotel chain is upgraded to a second Winnipeg Alt Hotel, I would rather not wait until I see the proposal.

You can colour it how you want, you can paint it with pretty designs too if you prefer, but in the end no matter what you do with it, a turd is still a turd.
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