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Originally Posted by Authentic_City View Post
Not to rain on your parade, but Bloomberg has been heavily criticized over the years too.

Murray may have had flaws and his share of critics, but at least he had a vision for the city. Typically, Winnipeg's mayors are hawkish fiscal conservatives that adopt a "steady-as-she-goes" mentality. Norrie, Thompson, Katz -- what will they be remembered for? Filling potholes and freezing property taxes?

What will Murray be remembered for? The controversial Esplinade Riel? Kick starting the first attempt to build rapid transit? I'm not saying Murray was perfect, but he tried to push the city to do something different. Can't say the same for Katz, Thompson, or Norrie. Not since Juba have we seen any vision from our mayors.

I agree with this, and well said
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