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Originally Posted by Mininari View Post
Maybe its simply too simplistic for me to say this, but I think what this city needs is an infusion of youth, forward thinking, and maybe even a little bit aggressiveness at city hall. Or at least, the city should consider partnering with University urban planning programs in developing walkable, liveable neighborhood plans, with a key component being making the buildings & outdoor areas work with the cold winters. Nobody has to adopt them as 'official' but they'd certainly get some creative ideas (for cheap... maybe create a few co-op student positions out of this).

I'm almost starting to wish I had finished my Urban Planning program; I think pushing the potential here in Winnipeg would be a very fun and fulfilling career.

Unfortunately, I'm starting to realize that there are only roughly 100 people in this city who think in these progressive terms, leaving roughly 674,900 people who don't.
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