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Originally Posted by chrisallard5454 View Post
From what I have heard Glen Murray was not so great either, so I would hope someone new and fresh would come in. For me the ideal candidate would be someone who has no ties that would cause any sort of hidden agendas or conflict of interests. This person would also have thorough insight to the direction that urban planning is heading, with a mind for the future not just the present. This person would have a desire to make this city a "world class" city, in reality, not just on paper and in press releases. We need a Michael Bloomberg.
Chris Allard,

What Winnipeg needs is someone like you that does give a shit about what happens around here. Someone with youth, desire, and will see the job through to the end. The amount of time that you put in on this subject is proof enough that you have the persistence and determination. If elected, you can kick Eadie's ass at every council meeting, as well as Fielding's. I can see more support going to you then an old has-been that has to pay off his cronies for getting him in there like Katz, Thompson, Murray, Norrie,... want me to go on?

Put your name in the hat, continue on with the principles that you have shown here and you can go all the way. Have at it, son.
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