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My wife and I are thinking about moving to Australia:)

Hey everyone,

My wife and I have started to put some real thought into moving to Australia and since I creep on this forum a lot although mostly in the Canada section, I thought this was a good place to get some help.

A little information about the two of us. She is a teacher, teaching in Canada what would be grades 8 and 9. The age group for those kids are between 13 and 15 I believe. She has 6 years under her belt and is also planning on going back to University to grab her master's if that makes a difference?

I am in the Law enforcement field working with my cities local police agency. I have a degree in Police studies and investigation and have no issues applying to any of the local police forces in Australia. I have 3 years under my belt and I also plan on going back to school to either get my bachelor degree in criminology or maybe get my teaching degree. On a side note I also have EU passport as well as my Canadian one as my father was born and raised in England and my mother in Canada. Not sure if that helps at all.

Anyway we are both in our late twenties and have no kids and for the most part are pretty open to where and when. If anyone can pass along any information, websites to look at or personal experience that would be great

ps: If I wanted to bring my truck over, how would I go about doing that and would I be allowed?

Thanks for the help everyone!
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