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I had a subclass 457 work Visa, which was good for 4 years. There are a number of jobs that this visa can be used for (should be listed on one of those websites), but you need an employer to sponsor you.

So I looked at ads online and applied for jobs as they came up. I then interviewed over the phone and was offered the job. My new employer then did much of the paper work and process to get my visa, acting as my sponsor.

I met a few other Canadians who were on similar visa's to me, and some were in the process of becoming permanent residents. 4 years is pretty long, should give you plenty of time to do that if you so choose. The 1 year visa I mentioned is the 1 year working holiday visa that I think most commonwealth nations grant to one another. It is why you see so many Aussie's working ski lifts here, they are on a similar visa (and Canadians there picking fruit).

To get jobs in your careers (teacher and police officer) you may need more than that, but I am not sure.

As for house prices, I assume they are still pretty high, but am not sure. I can't remember what some of the real estate websites were, but try googling some of it and it should give you an idea.
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