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Originally Posted by rousseau View Post
I'm talking about how it looks. The skyline outside of the central business area is a bleak, dystopian sea of cement high-rises. You've captured it in this photo right here.

dune by Andrew Rochfort, on Flickr
By that same regard, we should be using the commie blocks of Scarborough and Don Mills as well as the recent condos along Humber Bay as judgement for Toronto's skyline, despite it not really being the 'core' skyline. Or (and this is pure hyperbole) the Laval clock tower should be used as detraction from Montreal's skyline for its absurdity.

Originally Posted by rousseau View Post
I'm not trying to be combative or condescending, but if you think that then you've definitely been in Asian too long. There's a very good reason that the look of Blade Runner was modelled after Asian cities!
And I think you have heavy biases towards urban styles that are heavily skewed in favour of Eastern North American and European styles. But in terms of skylines, your bias seems more specifically Americanized. Asian cities have a very different style to them, but I for one am happy for it; it'd be kinda boring if we all followed through with the American style of things.

To be fair, I think there are plenty of big Asian cities with mediocre skylines (Osaka, Taipei, Beijing, even Tokyo for its size and stature), but Shanghai is definitely not a city with a mediocre skyline.
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