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Team Gushue Ext. Scope of Work

[QUOTE=statbass;5635824]Here is some information regarding the Team Gushue highway and CBS Bypass extension for this thread:......................

I also found this description of the work to be performed on the Team Gushue Extension.

It is from the Canadian Environmental Assessment page;

"Project Description (as posted in the Notice of Commencement)
The Team Gushue Highway project will begin at the existing interchange on Kenmount Road, linking to the completed 2.3 km Bifurcation Road between the Outer Ring Road (the Trans-Canada Highway) and Kenmount Road.

The project will terminate at the existing interchange between Commonwealth Avenue, Goulds Bypass, and Pitts Memorial Drive. In addition, a connector road, Pennywell Extension, will start at the intersection of the Old and New Pennywell Roads and end at a new interchange/intersection with the Team Gushue Highway just south of the Old Pennywell Road.

The scope of work to be undertaken consists of the following components: - 7.1 km of four-lane divided, controlled access highway (100 km/hr max.), 1.5 km of a two-lane connector road (Pennywell Extension), and two (2) drainage culverts at Kitty Gaul's Brook and Flynn's Brook;

- Six new interchanges/intersections constructed to connect with existing roads at the following locations: (i)Twinning of the Kenmount Road Overpass - $1,900,000;
(ii)Pennywell Extension - $1,800,000;
(iii)Captain Whelan Drive/George's Pond Road - $1,800,000;
(iv)Topsail Road - $5,500,000;
(v)Brookfield Road (east of Pearltown Road) - $3,000,000; and (vi)Brookfield Road between Heavy Tree Road and Tobin's Road.
- Two (2) non-connecting overpasses over the Old Pennywell Road and Blackmarsh Road; and, - A long span culvert at the Waterford River. "
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