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^ Thanks for posting. Hadn't seen that doc yet. This one is a bit on the frustrating side waiting for.......I just wonder why (if it's indeed the case right now still) why Magellan can't nail down its hotel flags for this project.......there is no shortage of hotels brands looking to expand or plant a flag in downtown Chicago......further, LSE is in a little bit of a strange point right now - and it has been for the past 1-2 years......that being, it's an odd point in the cycle to not have any resi and/or hotel projects under construction in this development.....I mean, how long has it been since Coast has been completed - or even since it reached 90-95% occupancy? If you're Magellan, you can't be exactly pleased with yourself that the period between delivery of Coast and the delivery of the next project after that (obviously not counting GEMS here) - which still figures to be this one (not Vista) - will be, like, maybe 5 years?? In a big expansion cycle?? Trust me, that's not a good result, and for me it's a bit of a head-scratcher, quite frankly.....
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