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Originally Posted by BifRayRock View Post
With respect, I think you have confused two different wells for the same field. Judging from the older photos of intact derricks, there were wells all over the place. Who knows what was removed, buried over, capped, or even re-plumbed to flow to another location. Then there is "slant" drilling. I am reliably informed that there are many active and inactive wells in that general area, and just like ubiquitous cell phone towers, many are hidden in plain sight.

Pico Boulevard:

Beverly Hills:

Regarding some little upstart company called . . . Honda on Pico Blvd. in '59:
the big yellow tower is 7 houses away from my old house,its always been yellow and when i was younger i thought it was an office buidling.they use to have a little lobby with pictures of the well,but now its off limits.Also if you ever want a great sandwich, go to olsens deli which is prob where the picture was take from,they have been there for years (since 1959),its a scandinavian deli with good prices.
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