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Vid's Diagrams: Part 3

To the people visiting this thread in 2023: There were once photos here.

The first thread was archived and the second one has no photos since the website I hosted them on changed things, so I'm starting a third one. Which over the course of a decade honestly isn't too bad.

Pembina Hall, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg. Drawn August 2010. Inkscape.

A proposed (never built) condo for Winnipeg. Drawn September 2010. Inkscape.

Canadinns Destination Centre (HSC) Hotel, Winnipeg. Drawn between 2010 and 2015. Inkscape. I got really busy with work, and kept coming to it and drawing a blank for years. The building was literally just a proposal when I started to work on drawing it, and it had been opened for over a year by the time I uploaded the diagram.

Waverley Park Tower, Thunder Bay. Drawn 2016. Inkscape.

This was the first building for which I drew a diagram in 2005, over a decade ago. It was reclad between 2010 and 2012, and I've been meaning to re-draw it, just haven't had the time. I tried going over the old diagram with the new colours, but it didn't work out well because by then I had Windows 7 and MS Paint in Windows 7 has antialiasing on by default and it can't be turned off (the main reason I now use Inkscape instead).

I started drawing again as Google Maps recently released a 3D view of my city, allowing a very accurate measurement of almost everything, so I am slowly working on going through the local diagram and correcting everything, adding a few new buildings that have been built, and will probably work on Sudbury and Duluth a little later on, time permitting. I was able to devote a lot of time to these as I've had a 4 day Christmas holiday but it's just come to an end.

Finally, the reason I started this thread again instead of just silently putting these into the diagrams:

Thunder Bay Consolidated Courthouse. Inkscape. Still not quite complete (but very close).

This drawing and the Waverly Park diagram are drawn at a 10px:1m ratio, so that each pixel equals 0.1M. So, because I have such a high resolution, I've been adding details into these diagrams that won't even come close to being consequential in the finished 1px:1m diagram. But someone has to see it, because I didn't spend 12 hours on this for nothing.

I've wanted to draw this since its design was first released in 2010. After 6 years, victory is within reach!

Note the security cameras I've included. How useless is that! I decided since I have security cameras in this diagram I might as well include the Canada Post mail box as well. And I did. It's the red object in the first image.

I hope someone looks at these. I hope they're actually visible to more than just me.
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