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Originally Posted by esquire View Post
^ Ambrosie is still chugging along full speed right through the off season.
To Ambrosie, this isn't the off season, it's the business season, as opposed to the rest of the year which is the football season.

I think what he will come up with for ticketing will be a game changer for the league.

Also a good sign from Michael Hook from Argo sales:

"We have seen a tremendous response from our season ticket holders and are in position to see growth in our season ticket base. We are in a much better situation then a year ago and winning the Grey Cup is not the only reason. We will continue to ensure that you the ticket buyers are treated well, shown respect and given value above just the purchase of your season tickets. This is a process and even winning the Grey Cup isn't going to automatically make BMO full. What will do this is creative ticketing programs, great marketing and continuing to ensure we get our brand into the eyes and ears of this market."

No BS or false promises, just sail a slow and steady course.
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