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(1) Yale Health building
(2) West tower, North College. This landmark 190-foot tower will house music practice rooms.
(3) Library, North College
(4) Dining hall and common room, North College
(5) Main courtyard, North College. Each college has one courtyard large enough to host commencement ceremonies.
(6) Master’s house, North College. College masters are now more likely to have children living at home than when the original colleges were planned; the houses are designed with that in mind.
(7) Small courtyards, North College
(8) Raised courtyards. Unlike the original colleges, the new ones will have a covered loading dock for deliveries. These small courtyards are raised two stories to accommodate the dock.
(9) East tower, North College. This tower is aligned with High Street, just as its taller counterpart (2) is aligned with York Street.
(10) Future theater site. This corner lot opposite Ingalls Rink was set aside for a possible campus theater. There are no plans for the theater yet.
(11) Ingalls Rink
(12) Prospect Walk. To preserve access for pedestrians and emergency vehicles, a public walkway will run between the colleges.
(13) Small courtyards, South College
(14) Dining hall and common room, South College
(15) Library, South College
(16) Master’s House, South College
(17) Main courtyard, South College
(18) Tower, South College. This seven-story tower marks the corner of Canal, Prospect, and Trumbull Streets.
(19) Farmington Canal Greenway
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