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Thats pretty amusing but I'll take a different cynical stance:

Maybe this?

"Sept 06 2022: Well, its back to work and school, and traffic at the heavily-congested Port Mann Bridge has never been worse. Out-of-control sprawl in Langley, Abbotsford, and Chilliwack has created a flood of traffic from a commuter "watershed" of epic proportions. The Lower Mainland is being nicknamed "Los Angeles Basin of the North," choked with traffic, smog, and sprawling retail... ... talks with the City of Delta broke down again over the continued push to upgrade the 72nd Avenue and 91A intersection to a full interchange. The province hoped to include this as part of their SFPR Freeway Upgrade project (Estimated at $2.0B), but are claiming "scope changes" required them to downgrade the interchange to a partial movements interchange... ... The cost of an average single family detached dwelling in the Lower Mainland eclipsed $1.5M. The surge in single-family development in the valley, spurred by the new bridge, did little to sooth housing demand. When asked about the market, Joe Black said "I have no effing clue how I'm going to afford to live anywhere around here"... ... Crews continue to clean up the tangled mess of the collapsed Patullo Bridge. Early progress on the much-anticipated refurbishment revealed that the bridge, was in fact, being held together only by rust. Translink officials were unwilling to comment. "Why did they wait this long? I mean what were they thinking? What were they waiting for? The second coming?"... ... Translink officials continue to debate which technology to use on the newly re-promised Evergreen Line. Port Moody Mayor Joe Trasolini was red in the face, demanding to know when the "effing Murray Clarke Connector would be built." Estimates for that project have it at $120M and climbing... ...

I could go on and on...