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Thanks Officedweller and Bulliver! (I was starting to worry I went through all that trouble for nothing, hehe )

Anyways I was able to take a few more pics today of the Cape Horn Interchange, but again I have to say short of an airplane this is one tough project to photograph. I tried sooo many spots north and south of it but it seems everywhere there were houses, trees, shrubs and power lines blocking the lens! (seriously, I could not find one decent break the whole Dawes Hill area, was very tempted to trespass into some peoples yards!

Nonetheless, I was able to squeeze out a few photos, not as grande or extensive as I was hoping, but here they are anyways!

A quick snap of the Lougheed Easbound flyover

here is the #1 westbound (CD lane) off ramp tunnel under the #1 to United Boulevard. (at first I thought it was the Lougheed Eastbound underpass but then realized this one is located east of the railroad tracks)

I had to sneak into the work yard for these two (the sun was in the worst spot as well!). These are the westbound highway 1 off ramp elevated structures as the fly over the Mary Hill onramp.

And here is the northern elevated structure of the highway 1 westbound off ramp to Lougheed eastbound. (These pics are taken from the thistles located alongside Planet Ice)

And last but not least, the only tiny unobscured window I could find of the project from the Dawes Hill area.

The largest fly over, the Lougheed Westbound to #1 eastbound only has its supports currently up, so I am looking forward to see that one take shape! (but it is the hardest of the bunch to photograph, haha!)

All pics are my own - Flickr link:

Hope you enjoy them

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