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Downtown, midtown and uptown

The definitions aren't all that set in stone in Toronto, though I find the "because of amalgamation, uptown is now North York and midtown is now Yonge and Eglinton" definition to be ridiculous. Amalgamation didn't automatically make Toronto more of a "big league" city.

Personally I like the idea of considering the Yonge and Bloor area as our Midtown, but still part of our small-"d" downtown in the way that Midtown Manhattan and the Near North Side of Chicago are. Bloor feels too far from King and Queen and hotels along Bloor often describe themselves as having a "midtown" location.

Yonge and Eg I suppose is our uptown. Yonge and St. Clair in and of itself doesn't seem "big" enough to be our "midtown" though I often refer to the Yonge-centered neighborhoods north of Yorkville or the CNR tracks as "uptown." The contiguous downtown/midtown/uptown only really makes sense in Manhattan IMO.
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