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Originally Posted by Biff View Post
I think that i would be more in favor of spending the money on adding one or two new grade separations every year rather than redesigning the few existing ones we have. I get what you are saying though. This province seems to be stuck in the 70s thinking that every interchange needs to be a cloverleaf. They need to start adding simple diamond interchanges ($10 to 15 million for rural) on these major highways - Hwy 1, Hwy 75 and the Perimeter.
I completely agree with you. No reason that both can't be done, but neither will happen. I think the solution would be a 1 % sales tax that is actually dedicated to transportation infrastructure. Maybe 50% to new highway infrastructure, 50% to transit infrastructure. Compared to either of our neighbouring provinces, Manitoba's highways are abysmal. Perimeter should be a full freeway, or at least have some diamond interchanges put up at Highway 3, St Mary's, Pipeline, etc.
As far as I know, there aren't even firm target dates for the 59/101 or 16/1 interchanges.
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