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Originally Posted by Riverman View Post
That is contrary to what is presently being reported. All infill and commercial development will also be subject to the new tax.
I realize that reporters may not be making careful distinctions on this point, but the news reports I read tossed around the phrase "new developments" when referring to what would be subject to the fee. This stands to reason given that the whole point is to address the new infrastructure that greenfield developments require... it's meant to encourage infill development.

But even if Bowman was planning to apply it to areas like Pointe Hebert... would an extra $30K (or whatever it amounts to) be enough to derail a million dollar house? I suspect that the people who built in Pointe Hebert probably would have ponied up. If you have the scratch to spend $900K on your dream home, you probably aren't going to scrap your plans on account of an extra 3% or whatever.
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