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The Rocket. Best pulled pork I've ever had, and the ONLY place I've ever found it in Newfoundland (I fell in love with it in Manitoba).

Fixed Coffee & Baking. Best octopus tacos.

Happy Hummus Hut. Best pop. Zevia, everything you can think of. So good. And everything on their menu is an interesting taste for a carnivore.

Jasmine's. Best fries, dressing, and gravy in the city. You can get that anywhere - even Greek and Indian restaurants sell it, it's our "national" dish. Giles Coren even tried it at The Reluctant Chef when he was here, . But Jasmine's does it best. Best fries, second-best gravy, best dressing.

Chafe's Landing. It's actually in Petty Harbour, about 15 mins outside the city, but it's the best fish'n'chips this side of the Atlantic. A very distant second place, but still second in the whole of Canada as well, is Leo's on Freshwater Road near the downtown.

Greensleeves. On George Street. Best white wine/garlic mussels in town.

Newfoundland Bagel Cafe. Duckworth Street. Cluttered mess, horrible place... but the toutons (breakfast speciality, fried bread dough served with molasses) is the best of the take-out variety on the island. But, be forewarned, ALL take-out versions are shitty compared to homemade. It's basicailly our only foodstuff like that.

Auntie Crae's. Gingerbread cookies.

Formosa Tea House. Best hot taro milk tea in the city. Best curry buns. Best dumplings. And CHEAP as fuck. You could order everything on their huge menu for $30.

Duke of Duckworth. English bar. Best fishcakes on the island.

Mary Brown's. Location on every streetcorner in Newfoundland and areas of Alberta dominated by us. Best fast-food fried chicken. Spicier and less greasy than KFC, but not as good as sit-down places.

Mohammed Ali's. Best shwarma.

Mama Soula's. Best gyros.

Zachary's. On Duckworth Street. Best eggs and toast.
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