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1. Long's Chinese Food - great little Szechuan place just off of 17th Ave and 14th Street S.W. Small place that is tucked in behind a Green Chili and a Chianti restaurant. Their shredded pork with chili and garlic sauce is amazing.

2. Golden Bell Saigon - hands down best Vietnamese in Calgary, and that's saying something. Great selection that pretty much hits all the favourites. Recommend the phở bò kho or the bánh xèo. They also make a pretty mean pad thai, and have subs, vietnamese coffee, bubble tea, etc. The 17th ave location is the one I have the most experience with and they, like most vietnamese places around Calgary, are really fast.

3. Pig and Duke - pub just off the corner of 12th and 12th SW. Fine selection of pork-infused dishes. Get The Hammer (kielbasa sausage with smoked applewood bacon), The Duke (8oz beef patty with Canadian bacon, pulled pork and double smoked bacon) or the Swinetine (fries, curds, pig sauce, bacon, pulled pork, fried egg). They also have a competition -- if you can eat The Pig (16oz burger) in less than 40 minutes it's free.

4. GAGA Pizzeria - just down the street from the Pig and Duke is this little pizza place run by a Hungarian couple. They have calzones, greek salads, baklava, homemade soups, etc. Try the Signora Gaga pizza (Mozzarella, Spinach, Olives, Prosciutto, Bocconcini and Figs) or the Mafiosa (Mozzarella, Ham, Pepperoni, Mushrooms, Hot Peppers, Capiccollo, Garlic and Oregano). And did I mention that this place goes really easy on your wallet? Alternatively, if you want greek-style pizza, head over to Niko's.

5. Jimmy's A&A - great donair and shawarma place. Huge portions. Recommend against getting anything bigger than a medium unless you are really hungry (actually, even then, not a good idea). I personally stick with the shawarma here. There are a couple of locations around town -- I've tended to go to the Beltline one but I've heard that the Capitol Hill location is a lot more fun.

6. Peter's Drive In - a Calgary staple. The burgers aren't really praiseworthy, but the milkshakes will bring the boys to the yard. Pretty much guaranteed long lines on any sunny day. And actually, if you are looking into milkshakes but don't want to get up to Edmonton Trail, you could also try Fat City Franks for their malted milkshakes.

7. Khao San Thai - you will probably have to reserve a bit in advance, but it's worth it if you want what Thai food Calgary has to offer. Not sure I have any specific dish to mention, but the pineapple red curry is among the more interesting dishes. Alternatively, if you are on a budget, it's lunch, and you want some really good, quick Thai, try Jacky's Thai in Eau Claire Market.

8. Tango Bistro - it's in a location that demands driving, but among Calgary's admittedly small selection of decent brunch spots, this tops my list. The chefs change the main dishes each week but you are guaranteed a wide selection from a buffet-style brunch. Alternatively, if driving out isn't that appealing, try Red's Diner or Galaxie Diner in Beltline.

9. Green Chili - hard to say what is the best Indian food in Calgary, but Green Chili makes a fairly convincing choice. They have five locations around the city, one of them just at the corner of 17th and 14th (mentioned above). They also offer takeout! I'm rather fond of the chicken korma as well as the goat curry.

10. Crepes 'n' Cravings - rounding out the list is my favourite crepe shop, nestled in on 17th ave. You can get savoury crepes, like the Montreal smoked meat crepe, or satisfy your sweet tooth with something like the cherry cheesecake or the Waffle-cone crepes. They also have gelato and belgian waffles. The man working behind the counter there (the owner maybe?) is just about the nicest guy ever. Alternatively, if you need to satisfy your sweet tooth and aren't quite in the mood for crepes, head over to Village Ice Cream.
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