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Originally Posted by niwell View Post
In Toronto I would recommend the following:

1. Bar Isabel. Hands down one of the best restaurants in Canada and just amazing. Every time I go here I'm just blown away by everything. It's not terribly unaffordable either. The octopus is the standout, but everything is just great. May have to reserve in advance unless you want to go late at night (after midnight). Vice did a thing on it (and another place I recommend)

2. Oddseoul. Amazing fusion between Korean and Philadelphia street food. Get the Bulgogi cheesesteak and the Loosey, which is their take on the Big Mac. Also can't go wrong with any specials and the incredibly strong Belgian beer they have on tap. Oh, and the BBQ pork bun. Yeah.

3. Pai, the new best Thai restaurant in the city. Pretty authentic from what I've been told. Everything I've had has been delicious.

4. Patois - Jamaican and Chinese fusion. Get the burger on the pineapple bun and the jerk chicken. It doesn't disappoint. Service has been off the last few times I've gone but I can overlook it.

5. La Carnita. IMO the best of the new wave of taco places in the city. It doesn't try and be authentic which is probably for the best. My friend from Mexico City thinks it's the best she's had. Put down your number and grab a drink at Mullin's Irish pub while waiting. Or if you are me, literally around the corner haha. If Asian is your thing you can check out Dailo next door. Formerly called Gwailo but had to change due to protest haha.

6. Home of the Brave. Owned by the same people as La Carnita, this is Toronto's take on classic American. A fried bologna sandwich? yeah that's a thing. The rib burger is my fave though, with a side of tater tots (seriously).

7. Pizza Libretto. Do you like Sicilian Pizza? This is legit - they have a certification. Get the duck confit (though probably not legit). Lineups are a thing if it's not a weeknight though (although this goes for everything on the list!).

8. 416 Snackbar. Is it late - do you want snacks? Or maybe mid-day and not quite a full meal? This is your place. Get their variation on Trinidadian Doubles. It's good!

And for some honourable mentions that aren't just restaurants but involve drinking:

9. Bellwoods Brewery. The food here is good. The beer is better. Go here.

10. Only Cafe / Bighouse Pizza. Go to the Only for the chill atmosphere and amazing tap list. Get takeout pizza from Bighouse and eat it at your table in the bar. It's not authentic anything, just crazy ingredients on thick crust pizza. I like the one with potato and steak.

11. Bar Hop. Pretty much just beer here. The food is good too though!! If you want a snack get the fried garlic donuts. I haven't eaten much else to be honest.

Top cheap eats?

12. Kinton Ramen. Holy shit is this good ramen. It seems to have mostly Japanese people working here too, unlike other ramen places which are Korean. Ate there tonight and I can still barely move.

13. Burger's Priest. You like good burgers? Go here. Toronto's version of In and Out.

14. Dangerous Dan's. Burgers again. Big ones - classic North American fare. Dirty diner style. Get the onion rings as a side.

That's just scratching the surface of the amazing food scene that is Toronto right now. I have more recommendations if you want specifics!! I have pictures of most of these but on my phone - I can try and post on request!

(yes, I may spend a large portion of my salary on food and drinks)

I like and agree with just about your entire list except for Burgers Priest. I've given then numerous attempts at both Queen street locations and while it's a decent burger it's not worth the price or all the hype. Also Dangerous Dan's closed at the end of Spring.

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