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Originally Posted by NYguy View Post
I love posting photos here because it shows a side of the city people rarely think about. It's a city literally surrounded by water.
Originally Posted by fleonzo View Post
You have done the city and the region a great service....great pics! This is what NY (metro region especially) is really like and I wish more people knew about it including other parts outside the city like the Hudson Valley (Bear Mtn), Eastern Long Island (out to Montauk), Conn, NJ shore etc.... Great work...please add some more! Thanks
That's true. Never been to NY but for now I've "explored" it a lot virtually. When you account all the several hundreds of kilometers of shoreline that the NY region has, you realize NY is easily the Metro Region with more kilometers of shoreline in North America. And not Only is very long but very varied as well, From the Hudson River, to both sides of the Long Island Sound, to the south coast of Long Island and the Jersey Shore you'll find sandy beaches, gorgeous harbors and coves in northern Long Island, the lovely towns and shores of Westchester Co at the Hudson, The imposing and beautiful Hudson Palisades in New Jersey, and much much more. The NY region may have more Km of beaches than LA or Miami, obviusly, the climate doesn't favor them as in those cities.

Originally Posted by NYguy View Post
Yeah, I know most people only think of New York in terms of Manhattan. But I've lived in 4 of the 5 boroughs (sorry Staten Island), so I'm outter borough by nature. Manhattan only accounts for less than 10% of the city land mass. So when you look at the city in depth, it's going to look a lot different than what many people expect. I've limited the shoreline photos to just the boroughs because it would be far too much to include the entire region.

Anyway, I'll be posting a lot more photos in this thread.
I strongly recomend you all, the amazing work that your counterpart in SSC (NYgirl) had done. She created and impresive series of threads, 170 of them, showing all the five boroughs of NYC and the inner metro area (Nassau County, Southern Westchester, Hudson County, Newark and southern Bergen County) with all the enormous diversity of neighborhoods there.
here's the link.

P.D. this is a very enjoyable thread

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