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Let's take a walk on the wild side....
I think it is pretty wonderful than in such a big and congested city, you still can find this spots of natural beauty.

All the pictures are taken from Panoramio, the link to the photos is above each one of them.

Believe it or not, this is Manhattan. This picture is taken from atop the the Inwood Hill Park, in the northern tip of Manhattan. Across the river the Hudson Palisades in NJ.

From the same park, in winter.

From down the Inwood Hill Park, near where the Hudson and Harlem river meet.

The Park. Unlike others in Manhattan, this park is largely natural, since it has not been very much landscaped. It is the only place in Manhattan where a large chunk of the original forest that once covered the island still remains.

From atop the Henry Hudson Bridge. The buildings are in the Bronx.

From the other side of the river, in New Jersey. The green hill across the river is the Inwood Hill Park, from where the previous photos were taken. The arch bridge to the left is the Henry Hudson that links Manhattan and The Bronx. The buildings are in The Bronx

From atop the palisades, looking at the George Washington Bridge and NYC skyline.

At a winter dusk (or dawn)

The Hudson shores down the palisades. This place is just across the northern tip of Manhattan. If you look well, there is the overexposed silohuette of the George Washington Bridge in the background.

A small Hudson River beach, GWB in the background.

The Palisades Park trails.

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