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CHENGDU | Greenland Center | 468 M / 1,535 FT | 116 FL

Chengdu, PRC

The 486-meter landmark tower building adopts the concept of Snow Mountain. Design team uses metaphor as the catalyst to show the ideas of iceberg and continuity. The height of the tower building will be gradually increased towards the high-rise direction. It means rolling hills. The higher tower building is situated around the west of the site and faces the planned park-styled greenbelt. The sizes and landscapes of buildings depend on the lines in a natural manner. Therefore, a close network is formed among these buildings.

Style Commercial Street adopts historic materials of Chengdu to build low-rise buildings that possess lanes and yards. The area and ratio also refer to famous development projects of Chengdu, such as Kuanzhai Lane and Fancy Carp. Therefore, it embraces ratio of features and dimensions that are similar to those successful cases. With the natural height differences, underground commercial district and the ground are connected naturally. It is a unique design highlight of the style commercial street.


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There's a bit of confusion as to whether the tower has 468M or 486M, but the site is definitely under prep, if not construction, as secant piles and caissons are going in.
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