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Originally Posted by ethereal_reality View Post
'mystery' location.

Is this some sort of itinerant circus troupe?

"Santa Monica, California 1974." by Mitch Epstein

I can't quite figure out just where in Santa Monica this photograph was taken.

Is this a school ground...or somewhere closer to the beach?
(I see sand at far left)

-also note the prominent hill in the background (are those apartment buildings(?) on top

info. / details


The buildings in the distance on the right is the RAND Corporation complex on Pacific Ave. The buildings on the left was, if I remember correctly, part of a motel complex. This was a little park area on the beach. Behind the photographer would have been the bike path and beyond that a very wide stretch of sand. The Santa Monica Beach was VERY wide at this location, just south of the Santa Monica Pier.
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