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I would argue against the concept that "A 45 story building with some open space around the base would be far more appealing than clustering three buildings into the footprint of that block."
That concept is much more valid for cities with far less open space than Nashville, but I will be specific to Nashville. Firstly, the high rise development
is evolving a wall at the interstate circling the heart of the city, which I believe provides a quite a stunning view for interstate traffic. Secondly, tall buildings already exist or are planned for Nashville, that have significant open space around a central structure. The first, the Tennessee State Office tower (once National Life) by SOM is IMO a dismal failure. The huge plaza has always to me been an urban desert isolated from any of the pedestrian streetscape of the nearby older structures. War Memorial Plaza is a much better urban space. Likewise the new Federal Courthouse looks to be another bad idea about to happen. The building design is obsolete before the groundbreaking and the open space around it seems likely to be to the benefit of the homeless rather than the public as a whole. The open plaza/park over the parking garage across from the Country Music Museum is far, far better as a usable public space.
So, I think that the proposed development probably functions better overall as 3 separate buildings and it is far better a site utilization than one big tower with adjacent 5 story apartment monstrosities next to it. Ther are enough of those already scattered about Nashville. IMO the ones that work best are those in the Germantown area of town, where the individual projects are close enough to be a neighborhood. As to open urban spaces, I think that Nashville has a plethora of it that just needs some sprucing up and planning to be spectacular. From my point of view, open space around a single project needs to be both expansive and purposeful. For an example I suggest the plaza of the Chicago City Hall with its magnificent artworks. Anyway, that's my 2 cents on the subject.
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