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Originally Posted by 1overcosc View Post
More or less. The Sobeys Urban Fresh format charges above-market rates for many products with the goal of providing an above-average experience. The Sobeys Urban Fresh on Metcalfe is the one of the nicest grocery stores I've ever been in. With a store that nice, and it being a very convenient option for nearby residents who live carless, it can get away with charging more.

My brother lives about 100 metres from the Independent at Bank and Somerset but he does pretty much all of his shopping at Sobeys, even though it's both further away (1 minute walk vs. maybe a 6 or 7 minute walk) and more expensive, because the Sobeys is so much nicer.
I wasn't referring to the Urban Fresh format stores. Even the regular Sobeys are a bit more expensive than other chains, but, similar to your brother, I do shop there more often than the local YIG, mostly for convenience. Not only is it a bit closer, but the size and layout are better. For example, most grocery stores put the milk in the farthest corner in hopes that you will see something else (maybe some clothes or even a TV) and buy it (one has to wonder how long it will be before Loblaws starts selling cars in their Superstores). At Sobeys it is on the back wall, but in the middle of the store. The entrance is also in the middle of the store, so you can easily bypass sections you don't need.
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