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Originally Posted by Johnny Ryall View Post
Big things continue happening with the regional expressway & major highway systems in the northern Memphis region. In addition to I-69 Segment 8 receiving partial funding (red segment on map below), the whole of I-269 is almost complete (which the article seems to gloss over ???), I-555 continues to grow northwest along U.S.Hwy.63 towards an eventual junction with U.S.Hwy.67 (future I-57) and Austin Peay-Hwy.14 is being upgraded to a divided 4-lane from the Memphis line all the way to TN-Hwy.59 & 54 in Tipton County just east of Covington. Other established major highways to the north & north east that will connect to I-69 are, of course, I-55 & U.S.Hwy.51 (both at Memphis AND once again via the I-155 spur at Dyersburg, TN), U.S.Hwy.412 (via I-40 at Jackson, TN), U.S.Hwy.45/45E (via I-40 at Jackson, TN) and U.S.Hwy.641 (via I-40 and/or U.S.Hwy.79 at Paris, TN). U.S.Hwy.79 continues further in a northeast direction.

Indiana still hopes to get closer to Memphis via I-69 | Opinion
David W. Griffith, Guest columnist/ The Commercial Appeal

story -

image Minden Press-Herald

image Minden Press-Herald
I haven't expressed my opinions in a while, so here goes.

I hope to live long enough to see I-69 done but I got issues with some of it.

First and most important, a new I-69 bridge for crossing the Mississippi is absolutely not needed. There is a newer bridge just down stream from where this is to cross that can be used. This is just billions to be wasted. They need to drop the alignment down and make the US82/US 278 bridge the I-69 bridge. That money should be spent on getting I-69 done across South Arkansas, West Mississippi AND to extend I-530 to near Monroe LA. Arkansas wants US 65 to be part of an extension of I-57, this could make that happen all the down to Alexandra and even Lake Charles of they extend it down I-530 as well. But...more importantly it makes (along with I-69) two interstate routes that follows the river on each side when combined with I-55.

Any new bridge should be in the Memphis area. Hell, there should be two. One that connects I-40 just weat of West Memphis at Lehi to I-69 to Tunica. This could get thru truck traffic using I-55 around and out of Memphis and also allow for the needed Harrihan Bridge improvements. It would also better connect the intermodal facility in Arkansas to the DC areas in North MS and South Memphis.

I would propose a second bridge to connect the I-55/I-555 junction in Arkansas to the I-69/I-269 Junction on Millington to make a complete loop of Memphis.

This would give the greater Memphis area two new, hopefully better equipped bridges to handle seismic events and really open up the Arkansas side for greater economic growth as it eliminates the I-40/I-55 bottleneck and provides improved traffic flow for Memphis.

I'd go farther in pushing for I-22 to be extended to Tulsa using I-555 and upgrading US 412 across Northern Arkansas. All of this decreases the crush on I-40 between Memphis and LIttle Rock and opens up much better traffic flows to places like Northwest Arkansas, Springfield MO and Kansas City and Denver.

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