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Spring2008 Some of those towers in the Calgary pics are still only proposals and I presume the same thing for TO, but nonetheless both cities are BALLIN.
I added around 50 buildings and as the PROJECT KEY suggests, around 70% are under construction, 10-20% are slamdunks (great sales figures, and/or approved) and around 10% are "who knows". As I mentioned earlier, I left out some very tall office projects because of the economic down-turn... stuck mostly to what the waterfront will look like in the next 5-8 years.

The only really tall one (though approved long ago) with an iffy start date is Cityplace Signature.... however I think the building will still launch in the near term rather than be put on hold.

I think most surfers are missing the LINK below to the really BIG version. Have a look if you have a decent connection.

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