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Originally Posted by NYguy View Post
New York has plenty of its own. But I disagree that nothing is better, or that this arena will create a "black hole" in the neighborhood, especially considering what's there now, which is nothing. It seems Ratner can't win here, if he decides to wait out the economy, he'll get slammed for not building, and when he tries to build in the best way to move forward, he's slammed for that as well.
speaking of the clev, funny it's just the opposite back there at FCE home base. FCE never gets slammed for not building a thing in downtown cleveland despite the property they control. that's because all the local politicians are firmly in FCE's pocket. hrrmmphh, and that would be the day eminent domain was ever used against them.

anyway, i don't think anything is going happen with atlantic yards in this economy, not even this crummy looking b-plan arena. the nets will probably long be in newark before FCE/ratner lifts a shovel. wouldn't surprise me.
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