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A beautiful, big one of St. John's from the MUN Archives. 1880, supposedly - but I don't believe there were Mansard roofs in St. John's prior to the Great Fire of 1892. The church in the foreground is the old Cochrane Street United Church. It wasn't completed until 1883. I thought that meant the picture was taken between 1883-1892, but it turns out that church wasn't destroyed until a smaller fire in 1914. So the picture could, indeed, be post-1892. That said, the high percentage of non-Mansard roofs makes me believe that's impossible, since most of them in this part of the city were destroyed in 1892. So I really have no idea what the date of this photo is... perhaps just before 1892. But it's definitely not 1880.

And another of the West End at that time, before the Waterford River's tidal area was banked.

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