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The Penny Lane Office Tower proposal seems to have been revived. A lot of mixed feelings on this one, as it will replace a fairly attractive brick facade along 8th avenue downtown. The height of both buildings has been increased from the original design seen in these two renderings. The taller of the two will likely be about 212 metres.

The sky's the limit
Duelling towers planned for downtown Calgary


A second office tower super-project is being planned for Calgary's downtown, with a revamped plan for Penny Lane development now exceeding 2-million sq. ft.

Developers of the site, where Penny Lane Mall and Cowboys nightclub now sit, increased the scale of a previously planned $250-million twin-tower project to match that of EnCana Corp.

Mayor Dave Bronconnier said it's more proof of the growing demand for workspace. "There is definitely a need for new office space in downtown Calgary, so I'm not surprised," he said.

The Penny Lane project consists of two towers, increased by 10 floors each to 49 and 40, and is expected to be clad in glass resembling alpine glaciers and jagged green granite.

The 8 Ave. and 5 St. S.W. structures will feature an indoor park complete with waterfall.

The height increase will place the taller of the two towers fourth on the list of Calgary's highest buildings, assuming rumours of the EnCana Tower reaching 60 storeys are true.

Calgary Downtown Association spokesman Richard White said the development just adds to Calgary's blistering pace of development.

"Calgary has more office tower construction than the rest of Canada's downtowns put together," he said.

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