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Originally Posted by ardecila View Post

Actually, the new design is growing on me a little bit. I need to see a side view, but the slenderness is appealing. Except for that damn spire.

I've gotta say - I'm just the opposite here with respect to the evolution of my reaction to this new placeholder design - Wasn't crazy about it at first, and appears worse each time I view's awkward, proportions are all wrong, it's frankly dull, the spire is absolutely goofy, etc. Have to say, I'm with Mr. Servo all the way - the overall Wolf Point project got off to a tremendous bang, design-wise with the exceptionally nice West Tower.......this S tower version, without a major re-working of various facets would be a dud, and pale in comparison next to it........

But again, I have virtually no reason to think of this as anything but just another placeholder, so not sweating it........
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