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2017 CFL Season

Too soon?? Nah.....

Lots to talk about going into the season and many question marks

BC Lions - New Owner? Do they lose Bighill and others to the NFL, Leone signed with Arizona today. Can they get some crowds back?
Calgary - Can they still be a 15-16 win team, any word on a new stadium or putting some money into McMahon
Edmonton - Some big holes to fill, Deon Lacey is gone, Walker probably too. Does Edmonton bid on the 2018 Grey Cup ?
Saskatchewan - Lots of questions going into season 1 at NMS. Is Durant back, if not who is the guy - James Franklin? Can Chris Jones improve the O and D lines and get some Canadian talent
Winnipeg - Can they build on the momentum and stay in the playoffs, do they sign Nichols for what he wants?
Ottawa - What do they do at QB if Burris wants to come back, can they maintain talent to get back the GC at home, and will it be a big success in the nations capital with the whole Canada 150 etc.
Hamilton - Can Collaros stay healthy (or the rest of the team), who is the new DC?
Montreal - new regime, new coaching staff (does Noel Thorpe stay) can they find a QB (is at Adams, do they make a run at signing Durant?)
Toronto - where to start - lots to fix - Do they keep Milanovich and Barker? If they aren't get on with it. Can they be relevant in TO? Is Drew Willy the answer - what happens with Ricky Ray? Is too much cap space tied up in 2 QBs who are meh?

Will overall attendance go down? Can they schedule help without catering to TSN too much

What else am I missing?
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