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Interesting article in the local paper today, basically Joan Burke's outlook for 2012 and her next term in office. As I'm sure was evident in the election thread, I am not a fan of Burke at all, however, she is in and for the first time in 8 years has actually said something pertaining to development. In last year's budget consultations, when asked what she would like to see investment in within her district, her answer was nothing. Now, all of a sudden she has a shopping list. If she comes through on any of this, I'll walk up the street and hug the woman.

Burke Sets Sights on New College Headquarters, Courthouse - Frank Gale, The Georgian, January 18, 2012

During her current four-year mandate, Minister Burke has sights set on moving ahead several large projects, including a new college headquarters and a new courthouse in Stephenville. She wants to see government proceed on both of those.


I've quoted the short paragraph pertaining to the courthouse and college HQ. The article also discusses items such as the airport, salmon hatchery, realignment of route 460, route 490 bridge work, and Codroy Valley bridge work.

For those who don't know, the current courthouse is a converted barracks on the old Harmon Air Base. It is 3 storeys tall and has no elevator or ground floor entrance (1st floor is 6 feet up for some reason). Currently if a person with disabilities has to go to court the proceedings need to be relocated to one of the hotels, which is expensive for numerous reasons. Not to mention other services offered within the building are completely inaccessable to the disabled.
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