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Absolutely no activity on the Corner Brook hospital site and with just $1 million in the budget people are nervous about its future. A recent CBC Radio interview with a Western Health official hinted that the project may be shrunk and administration moved to another building, specifically the O'Connel Centre (which was the original Western Regional Hospital wayyyyyyy back when). The $1 million this year is predominantly for engineering and architectural work to figure what exactly they will be building. Interesting info.

Link to the audio of said interview:

And in the spirit of the retail thread for St. John's, a little from the West Coast:

Deer Lake
-Burger King was rumoured to be opening in Deer Lake, but the sign advertising it was removed, so I've been told anyway.

Corner Brook
-Rossy, the department store chain supposed to replace Hart seem to have shelved their plans for a store in the Valley Mall, Corner Brook.
-The Body Shop is opening in Corner Brook, either Valley Mall or Corner Brook Plaza, not sure which.
-Many empty building on Broadway, the area needs serious revitalization. As does Smithville in the city centre.
-Zellers in the plaza has been picked up by Target

-Keeping with Rossy, they signed a lease for a 19,500 sq. ft store in the Stephenville Plaza.
-Wal-Mart is rumoured to be investigating a new store for Stephenville to replace their rather small 57,000 sq.ft. location in the mall.
-City Chrysler dealership is nearing completion on the Hansen Highway
-Shoppers Drug Mart moving to former Price Chopper space in the mall to open a 20,000 sq.ft. modern store (the one they have now is like a time machine to 1983, great in a nostalgic way)

-Rossy will be assuming the Hart lease for their store.
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