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Originally Posted by statbass View Post
I read somewhere recently that Grenfell will be starting up a full undergraduate program in physics this fall. This is great, not only does it increase enrollment but has the potential to attract more researchers to Grenfell, especially with the construction of the new telescope (largest in Atlantic Canada). Grenfell has made some big improvements in both infrastructure and programs in the past few years.
I actually hadn't read that, but I went to their website and found it listed under their degree programs. Great move for sure. I actually know of a couple of guys who did their B.Sc. in Physics at Grenfell and have gone on to do their masters in St. John's I believe. I couldn't figure out how they managed to do it, now it make sense that it was probably a pilot to see if it could be done with such a small faculty. I studied history at Grenfell and have to say that it's a great school, you get to know your professors really well but there are major drawbacks when it comes to research, having virtually no resources on hand. Everything needs to be digital or sent for.
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