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The “Taipei City Xinyi District Serial No. 28, 29, 30 of the 4th subsection land development and creation of superficies” welcomes all interested investors to participate.
Taipei City Government Department of Finance would like to officially announce the “Taipei City Xinyi District serial no. 28, 29, 30 of the 4th subsection land development and creation of superficies.” The above mentioned property is located in Xinyi District, between Songzhi Road and Songren Road with a total area of 17,708 square meters with total volume set at 450% or 560%. As of 2011, the total land is valued at NT$13.1 billion and designated for specific business, commercial, and entertainment
facilities. The location puts the lot near the base of the Taipei 101 building and is in excellent condition. The property is currently use occupied by the World Trade Center and parking facilities. This is an ideal property to attract foreign businesses and capital as well as tourists foreign and local.

The Taipei City property management code article 65 provides that the city develops subsection section 4, serial no. 28, 29, 30 through private investments. The Department of Finance noted that aside from the required number of statutory parking spaces, an additional 31 large car parking spaces must be made available, and the property site should not be built for residential use. Beside the above noted, all other specifications must follow standard urban planning codes and relative laws. The Taipei City Government
expects to introduce private investments and adopt the overall planning approach in order to achieve the purposes of enhancing Taipei’s international perspective through its landmark buildings, effectively achieve financial gains, strengthen the Xinyi business district development, and enhance the social and economic benefits.

The Department of Finance has expressed it will employ a three-stage selection process (Qualification review - Investment Implementation Proposal Review – Price Bidding). The duration of existence of superficies will be set at 50 years and the royalty shall amount to twenty five billion New Taiwan Dollars (NT$25,000,000,000) in reserved minimum price. No more than 3 bidders will be selected from the qualified bidders based on initial applications and the winning bidder will be selected based on highest bid.
The annual rental will be based on 5% of the official declared land value. Please see the tender documents for further details regarding bidder qualifications and bid specifics.

The deadline for submitting the bid application is set at 5pm on April 30, 2012. Interested investors may purchase the tender documents at the Taipei City Hall, Department of Finance, Administrative Services (No. 1, Shifu Road, Xinyi District, Central Area, 8th floor). To download relevant documents and information, please go to the Department of Finance website (, Chinese version, under the Promotion of Private Participation (PPP) section.
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