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Originally Posted by blueandgoldguy View Post
Ideally, there would be $10 million or so invested in the Waverley Soccer Complex to bring up the standards. Tear down the cheap wooden benches on the west side of the field and build a main concrete/steel grandstand with 12 -15 rows and 5,000 or so seats. Have locker rooms and offices under the stands, a few permanent concessions and washrooms. On the east side put up 2000 cheap semi-temp stands (supporters section?) with another 1000 or so in each endzone (semi-temp type seats again) or maybe corporate tents like the Bombers had in the south end zone at old Canad Inns Stadium.

A stadium seating close to 10,000 would provide a much better atmosphere as it would actually be feasible to sellout vs. IGF which will appear empty with a half empty lower bowl.
If you're the bombers trying to pay off a stadium, spending 10 million on a stadium you wouldn't own for your new soccer team when you already have adequate facilities at the stadium you own makes no financial sense, regardless if the fan experience wpuld be a little better at a smaller stadium
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