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Thought I'd keep this thread alive while I work on a mega-pano... for those who might be interested in the process. Everything is done in Photoshop.

I was able to purchase a huge rights-free daytime pano (thumbnail example below) of Toronto that goes all the way from Fort York to Jarvis (such as the pano I did for this thread) PLUS continues northeast all the way to Yonge & Eglinton (see Quantum identified).

I couldn't believe Yonge & Eglinton would be viewed but when I zoomed in... sure enough... it was Quantum (Minto)... elevation changes obviously help.

This pano angle is indeed the ultimate POV/angle that I alluded to earlier in the thread, same angle as Cherry Beach .. just further south of the Islands.. and serves as my guide to position and scale the new buildings I draw.

I've chosen to use a sunset into night approach which is one of the most beautiful times to view the skyline. This is a real sunset phenomenon just past "magic hour" in Toronto because the sun actually sets on a 45 degree angle from the western shore, thus buildings near the waterfront can appear lit like a typical night skyline shot (interior lights), while those well north of the water are "in between"... reflecting the sunset sky, with a hint of interior lights starting to be revealed.

Challenging to say the least.

As an example, I've included pieces of a few of the buildings I have drawn so far for the pano (various scales)... I'm sure most will be recognized... anyone know what the larger example on the left is?

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